Friday, December 10, 2010

Hot and Cold,yes or no?

Hello everyone!
I know it's been a long time since my last post here in this blog,it's because school is pretty hectic nowadays and lots of activities have been coming up, not to mention my online store which I try to update as often as possible.
I almost forgot I have this blog,or should I rather say, I totally forgot about this blog? I really haven't opened this for almost over a month and it is just now that I remembered it and checked it out. I saw comments in my last posts and I really didn't realize until then that there are also people that read this boring blog! lols.

Well, I just wanna let you know that due to my forgetfulness, I created another blog, which is the Just Point and Shoot.

Now that I finally manage to remember this almost non-existent blog, I'm trying to decide which one to keep and which one to discard. maybe I could manage both,but that seems to be a lot of work to do.

I hope you'll help me decide.

As for now,I'll try to transfer some of my posts from the JPAS blog to this one. =)

Nadin <3

Shout for Joy


congratulations Tyempo Nuebe for ranking second overall! so proud of us!

Congrats Shane Janagap/Mara and the rest of the cast of "Black Mail" for being second place!

Congrats Rene Supe (designer), Sharmane Segura and the rest of the Modeling Team for beating even the fifth years and landing up in the first place!

Congrats to all the athletes!

Congrats to each and everyone of us for making this Bluechips foundation week possible!

Fun Run tomorrow at 5 am! so gotta sleep now! (time check:12:49 am,meaning less than 3 hours of sleep.)

(more pictures and detailed post tomorrow or rather, later!)

Nadin <3

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pictures Paints a Thousand Words..or so they say..

I had always been fascinated by photography ever since I was a child. It was introduced to me by my mother who is working at Kodak, a known company that is centered in photography. I had held different types of camera because my mother had let me play with them when I was young. Up until now, being a professional photographer has always been my dream job, but because of economic crisis nowadays, my parents and I agreed that it is not practical to have a college degree for that. I tried to find another way to express my love for photography,hence the blog. I had taken a lot of pictures as a way of practising my photography skills, and I really wanted to print out some of the better ones but never had the time to do so because of the hectic college life. I could have printed it at my mom's office at a much lesser price since she's working there, but I am away from home now because of school, so that seems a little impossible now.
Here are some of the pictures I had compiled which I think are print-worthy,hope you'll agree with me too,or else... >:[ kidding!

Most of the pictures are taken by me,some are by my mom and some are from the net (for inspirational purposes).

The camera! <3

My friend's son! so adorable,right?

This one's taken by me at our school grounds.
I also love hearts and shadows combined,you see, so I always grab whenever opportunities arrive,hence the following pictures.

A big tree which I find amazing and nostalgic whenever I look at it.

Heart! <3



This is me with my brother. 
I barely get a descent picture with him because he always poses like a gangster whenever I try to snap a picture of him and I just freaking hate it. So,when I took this and saw that it is a descent one, I didn't erase it and decided to print it out.

Me,with my cousins in my mother's side. (accdg to age)
This was a picture taken during our summer vacation last 2009. This was a rare occasion, since whenever we have a mini-reunion, we're always incomplete. But during this summer,our parents made sure we're all coming,and we had a lot of photo shoots that time to document the complete cousinry (lols,what?). When you go to any of our houses, you'll see a lot of copies of this picture printed in a very big size because our parents can't get over the fact that at least once we we're all complete. shallowness!

lovely sunset

Nail Polish from Etude House

Sharmane,me,Shane (my college friends)

The whole gang

Camera and Eiffel Tower: two of my loved ones!
(photo courtesy of
You're gonna see more of my other obsessions in my following posts.

nadin <3

Can't Help Falling In Love with Someone Like You

1:30 am: Just got back from watching CMPF (College of Management Play Festival) to support one of my best friends who happens to be the lead character in the play entitled "Black Mail". It the Tyempo Nuebe's official entry for the play festival. After the play, we went to a nearby coffee shop to talk about stuffs like Christmas Party, uncooperative batch mates, backstabbing galore and more.Lols! (don't judge me,i know u do backstabbing too,with bad people that is)
I'm pretty tired now and don't have the energy to explain thoroughly what went through with my day,so I'll just let some photos (with captions) speak of themselves. =)))

Top-Artwork//Skirt & Bag-SM Dept. Store// Shoes-Thrifted//I usually wear jeans and shirt, but today, for a change, I wore a skirt, and as expected,many noticed the change. They kept on looking at it in a weird way, and kept on giving out comments.All throughout the day,I was tugging at my mini-skirt coz it's so mini and it kept going up my butt. ugh. Next time I'll wear it with tights so that I won't be too self-conscious.

Dunkin' Donuts for Lunch//oh hello there Christian Bautista! =)
After searching for gifts for our dorm christmas party,we were pretty much exhausted and not to mention,hungry. We didn't have much cash left, so we decided to grab a bite at Dunkin' Donuts.

That's my friend Ivanne who looks so happy and satisfied with her food. 

Our meal!
We had choco sticks and 2 of their Christmas special donuts. We shared the Choco sticks because it would be too much if we bought one box each since each box has 8 sticks. It was our first time to try it out,(yeah,we're pretty late,I know), and all I can say is "yum!".. As for their Christmas special donuts, I don't think I like it that much,in fact I only had a bite of it and kept the rest. i'd rather prefer the regular ones.

a package for me,yay!
We went back to our dorm right after gift shopping as a way of running away from temptations surrounding as at the mall since we're afraid to have our pockets emptied even before christmas break.haha! When I arrived, looked what welcomed me! a shiny red package! Can you guess what it is?

I'm so pretty much hyped at the sight of it that I forgot to take a picture of me opening it. (Vain much)  So,when I remembered, I set the self-timer for the camera,but because of my excitement,this was the result photo.

A brown paper bag (eco-friendly,good!) with an invisible freebie! lols,kidding! The freebie is actually a pair of plastic earrings which I believe I won't be able to wear coz I'm not an earring-kind of person. So,anyone interested?Lols

Can you guess it now??

Yeps, it's the keyboard rings I ordered online.
 yey! I have long awaited for this and here they are right at the palm of my hands!!
(actually,they're already in lying in the bed of my ring collection which you'll get to see soon!)

I had to check for my laptop if it has any missing keys.
 The result? none! surprise.Lols
TIME CHECK:::2:48 am already! what? more than an hour to write this short post? the fudge!
 it's as if I don't have any class tomorrow! (actually, I only have one,because of the programs!! thank goodness)

I know that in the beginning of the post I said that I'll let the photos speak for themselves, but it turned out that the captions are also like narrations.haha, I just can't help myself.


gonna sleep now.

nadin! =)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Beautiful Chaos

Today,our college's foundation week has started, and we all are so crazily busy because there are a lot of contests held and we don't know we're to focus our butts off. We don't have an organized division of tasks and not all of our batch mates are cooperative. So, those only who are participative are the ones who also join the contests even if they are not experts in those fields.

The program started with a mass held in the CM lobby. I didn't attend because I am a non-catholic, which happened to be a good thing because it rained very hard that morning and the people who attended mass were wet since it was an open-area. After that,there was a forum which we were required to attend as an alternative class to our Management class. I wasn't able to attend because my bowling class was also on the same time. Of course I chose bowling, not only because it was fun, but also because I was able to shed a few pounds,LOL. After my bowling class, we went back to our school to see some events. When I arrived there, I was asked to join the Amazing Race contest because the contestants were lacking. Of course I said yes! because I was trying to run away from painting of the props for the play because i don't want to get dirty,LOLs We didn't win though! =(

So yeah,after the contest, I cheered for my batch mates, which wasn't really a lot of help because in all of the games where I cheered, we lost! haha, maybe I was a bad luck. well,never mind. here are some pictures for the day's activity. =))

the bowling alley where we had our bowling class
(I wish Iloilo also have the bowling alleys we have in Bacolod which are a lot nicer and cleaner, and  well-ventilated)

My over-used shoes in it's sad state because of the farking rain!

Here's Rene,my love so sweet, who happens to be the designer for the costumes in the modeling contest

Some of his sketches (the one in the center is my fave!)
Yes,we do love each other,a LOT. Lols,not really. It's just one of our jokes.
I really believe that someday he's gonna be a famous designer around the world, that's why as early as now I already got a picture with him to make his crazy fans jealous of me *evil laugh*                                          

me,pointing to the graffiti that says : "we miss you Jan Erl". Jan Erl is one of my block mates and crush who already transferred to UP Diliman. So sad. :'(

Me and Althea,one of my team mates in the Amazing Race which was not so amazing after all.

We didn't win any games.=(((( 

RETROSCI (that's our block name,don't ask why)

some of my block mates doing god-knows-what pose

Pearl,posing with one of the accessories for modeling.

Me,being so jealous, also grabbed the ribbon and did my own pose with it. major faillll..

I was the one who took pictures for documentation purposes

(This is a christmas tree made of Jollibee soda cups.)
Out of topic!!
Happy Holidays everyone! =))

Thats all for now!

till my next post! =))))

hugs and kisses,

Monday, November 29, 2010

A Certified Stalker

Ever since I had owned my laptop,it has been my very best friend. Through it, I discovered lots of blogs which I had never heard of before.

Now,I am getting addicted to them,especially to fashion blogs. Every time I open my laptop, I check out my favorite blogs for their updates. I really have a long list of blogs which I follow,but there are some that I only check once a month, but there are also some which I check every single day.

And sometimes,just for the heck of it, I post comment to their posts or send them random messages. But never did I expect that they'll reply to me. EVER. But now, 2 of my favorites just gave attention to those messages.

The first one is Reese of She has this project in her school which involves handing out plain white t-shirts to random people and let them design it in whatever way they want. She asked for volunteers for the project and I wanted to be one but the bad news is that,she only does meet-ups. So, being very desperate to join her project, I sent her a PM in her facebook,but didn't really expect her to reply. But,what do I know? this is what happened:

Another one is from Andy of Because it was the 3rd year anniversary of her blog, I sent her a fan art, but never thought she would include her in her post. Awesomeness!!!!!=))

I'm really happy right now! hope this  will happen with the other blogs I follow.LOLS


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Still in Cloud Nine

 Today,our class was only until 11:30 am,so we decided to eat together with our block-mates who don't have classes anymore. We went to a nearby restaurant and we didn't realize until we got there that there were many of us coming. Haha. We all felt really happy since that happens very rarely since we have different schedules from each other. We took the opportunity to talk and update each other with our lives. We also decided to plan out some activities like Christmas Party and Surprise parties for debutants. 

As for our lunch, we all had the same dish, a plate of sizzling sisig (yum), because we live up to our motto which is: "RetroSci: One for all,All for One" which apparently applies for everything, haha. (no,really. I was only  making up the motto part.Lols)
It was also a good thing that Jessel came with us, who happens to have a lot of "hidden" money. She treat us all with a barrel of iced tea since we figured out that a glass of iced tea is not enough for the hotness of the sisig. Each of us also ordered a slice of Brownies, which tastes so good btw.

After that, the four of us,( Candy, Shane, Ivanne,Me) decided to play table tennis because the last time we played it was like 5 months ago. So of course,we missed it. =) We had to climb the stairs up to the 4th floor of the GCEB building bcoz the elevator was not working f*ck public school. We decided to make a deal to make the game more exciting. The losers will buy the winners a bottle of Coke each yeah we're poor,I know
I was paired with Shane but in the end,we lose! yeah! After the game,we headed to our ugly,dirty,cheap cafeteria. lols..

So here are the pictures for the activities of the day:

me,at the resto


again,with Arlene

the barrel of iced tea care of Jessel


Candy and Ivanne,the winners in our table tennis game

Me and Shane, the losers =(

Us at the CR,freshening up ourselves right after the game

Our desserts

Additional pictures from our swimming last Tuesday:

Something out of topic:

Here are some tweets addressed by my superduper crush @davidguison to me! Happiness!!!

note: He's the only male ambassador of F21. awesome right??? =))))