Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Beautiful Chaos

Today,our college's foundation week has started, and we all are so crazily busy because there are a lot of contests held and we don't know we're to focus our butts off. We don't have an organized division of tasks and not all of our batch mates are cooperative. So, those only who are participative are the ones who also join the contests even if they are not experts in those fields.

The program started with a mass held in the CM lobby. I didn't attend because I am a non-catholic, which happened to be a good thing because it rained very hard that morning and the people who attended mass were wet since it was an open-area. After that,there was a forum which we were required to attend as an alternative class to our Management class. I wasn't able to attend because my bowling class was also on the same time. Of course I chose bowling, not only because it was fun, but also because I was able to shed a few pounds,LOL. After my bowling class, we went back to our school to see some events. When I arrived there, I was asked to join the Amazing Race contest because the contestants were lacking. Of course I said yes! because I was trying to run away from painting of the props for the play because i don't want to get dirty,LOLs We didn't win though! =(

So yeah,after the contest, I cheered for my batch mates, which wasn't really a lot of help because in all of the games where I cheered, we lost! haha, maybe I was a bad luck. well,never mind. here are some pictures for the day's activity. =))

the bowling alley where we had our bowling class
(I wish Iloilo also have the bowling alleys we have in Bacolod which are a lot nicer and cleaner, and  well-ventilated)

My over-used shoes in it's sad state because of the farking rain!

Here's Rene,my love so sweet, who happens to be the designer for the costumes in the modeling contest

Some of his sketches (the one in the center is my fave!)
Yes,we do love each other,a LOT. Lols,not really. It's just one of our jokes.
I really believe that someday he's gonna be a famous designer around the world, that's why as early as now I already got a picture with him to make his crazy fans jealous of me *evil laugh*                                          

me,pointing to the graffiti that says : "we miss you Jan Erl". Jan Erl is one of my block mates and crush who already transferred to UP Diliman. So sad. :'(

Me and Althea,one of my team mates in the Amazing Race which was not so amazing after all.

We didn't win any games.=(((( 

RETROSCI (that's our block name,don't ask why)

some of my block mates doing god-knows-what pose

Pearl,posing with one of the accessories for modeling.

Me,being so jealous, also grabbed the ribbon and did my own pose with it. major faillll..

I was the one who took pictures for documentation purposes

(This is a christmas tree made of Jollibee soda cups.)
Out of topic!!
Happy Holidays everyone! =))

Thats all for now!

till my next post! =))))

hugs and kisses,

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