Monday, November 29, 2010

A Certified Stalker

Ever since I had owned my laptop,it has been my very best friend. Through it, I discovered lots of blogs which I had never heard of before.

Now,I am getting addicted to them,especially to fashion blogs. Every time I open my laptop, I check out my favorite blogs for their updates. I really have a long list of blogs which I follow,but there are some that I only check once a month, but there are also some which I check every single day.

And sometimes,just for the heck of it, I post comment to their posts or send them random messages. But never did I expect that they'll reply to me. EVER. But now, 2 of my favorites just gave attention to those messages.

The first one is Reese of She has this project in her school which involves handing out plain white t-shirts to random people and let them design it in whatever way they want. She asked for volunteers for the project and I wanted to be one but the bad news is that,she only does meet-ups. So, being very desperate to join her project, I sent her a PM in her facebook,but didn't really expect her to reply. But,what do I know? this is what happened:

Another one is from Andy of Because it was the 3rd year anniversary of her blog, I sent her a fan art, but never thought she would include her in her post. Awesomeness!!!!!=))

I'm really happy right now! hope this  will happen with the other blogs I follow.LOLS


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