Things You Should Know About Me

I'm really fond of owls and I really wanna have one as a pet, but since it is impossible,
I just resolved to  collect owl accessories.
I hate rats. Ugh! I mean the dirty, giant ones. I don't know but they just disgust me.
I am addicted to Taylor Swift. No need to explain further.
I love reading books. Any kind of books. They make me feel relaxed especiallywhen I'm stressed. I also love reading any kind of magazines. 

I adore nail polishes. I have a small collection of them.

I am addicted to coffee. They are like drugs to me. I can't stand a week without a taste of it.

I am planning of living in Paris one day. Maybe not permanently, just long enough to make me feel what it feels like living there.

I am a collector of rings. I love rings so much. i just can't go out without having at least one in my fingers.