Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pictures Paints a Thousand Words..or so they say..

I had always been fascinated by photography ever since I was a child. It was introduced to me by my mother who is working at Kodak, a known company that is centered in photography. I had held different types of camera because my mother had let me play with them when I was young. Up until now, being a professional photographer has always been my dream job, but because of economic crisis nowadays, my parents and I agreed that it is not practical to have a college degree for that. I tried to find another way to express my love for photography,hence the blog. I had taken a lot of pictures as a way of practising my photography skills, and I really wanted to print out some of the better ones but never had the time to do so because of the hectic college life. I could have printed it at my mom's office at a much lesser price since she's working there, but I am away from home now because of school, so that seems a little impossible now.
Here are some of the pictures I had compiled which I think are print-worthy,hope you'll agree with me too,or else... >:[ kidding!

Most of the pictures are taken by me,some are by my mom and some are from the net (for inspirational purposes).

The camera! <3

My friend's son! so adorable,right?

This one's taken by me at our school grounds.
I also love hearts and shadows combined,you see, so I always grab whenever opportunities arrive,hence the following pictures.

A big tree which I find amazing and nostalgic whenever I look at it.

Heart! <3



This is me with my brother. 
I barely get a descent picture with him because he always poses like a gangster whenever I try to snap a picture of him and I just freaking hate it. So,when I took this and saw that it is a descent one, I didn't erase it and decided to print it out.

Me,with my cousins in my mother's side. (accdg to age)
This was a picture taken during our summer vacation last 2009. This was a rare occasion, since whenever we have a mini-reunion, we're always incomplete. But during this summer,our parents made sure we're all coming,and we had a lot of photo shoots that time to document the complete cousinry (lols,what?). When you go to any of our houses, you'll see a lot of copies of this picture printed in a very big size because our parents can't get over the fact that at least once we we're all complete. shallowness!

lovely sunset

Nail Polish from Etude House

Sharmane,me,Shane (my college friends)

The whole gang

Camera and Eiffel Tower: two of my loved ones!
(photo courtesy of
You're gonna see more of my other obsessions in my following posts.

nadin <3

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