Thursday, December 9, 2010

Can't Help Falling In Love with Someone Like You

1:30 am: Just got back from watching CMPF (College of Management Play Festival) to support one of my best friends who happens to be the lead character in the play entitled "Black Mail". It the Tyempo Nuebe's official entry for the play festival. After the play, we went to a nearby coffee shop to talk about stuffs like Christmas Party, uncooperative batch mates, backstabbing galore and more.Lols! (don't judge me,i know u do backstabbing too,with bad people that is)
I'm pretty tired now and don't have the energy to explain thoroughly what went through with my day,so I'll just let some photos (with captions) speak of themselves. =)))

Top-Artwork//Skirt & Bag-SM Dept. Store// Shoes-Thrifted//I usually wear jeans and shirt, but today, for a change, I wore a skirt, and as expected,many noticed the change. They kept on looking at it in a weird way, and kept on giving out comments.All throughout the day,I was tugging at my mini-skirt coz it's so mini and it kept going up my butt. ugh. Next time I'll wear it with tights so that I won't be too self-conscious.

Dunkin' Donuts for Lunch//oh hello there Christian Bautista! =)
After searching for gifts for our dorm christmas party,we were pretty much exhausted and not to mention,hungry. We didn't have much cash left, so we decided to grab a bite at Dunkin' Donuts.

That's my friend Ivanne who looks so happy and satisfied with her food. 

Our meal!
We had choco sticks and 2 of their Christmas special donuts. We shared the Choco sticks because it would be too much if we bought one box each since each box has 8 sticks. It was our first time to try it out,(yeah,we're pretty late,I know), and all I can say is "yum!".. As for their Christmas special donuts, I don't think I like it that much,in fact I only had a bite of it and kept the rest. i'd rather prefer the regular ones.

a package for me,yay!
We went back to our dorm right after gift shopping as a way of running away from temptations surrounding as at the mall since we're afraid to have our pockets emptied even before christmas break.haha! When I arrived, looked what welcomed me! a shiny red package! Can you guess what it is?

I'm so pretty much hyped at the sight of it that I forgot to take a picture of me opening it. (Vain much)  So,when I remembered, I set the self-timer for the camera,but because of my excitement,this was the result photo.

A brown paper bag (eco-friendly,good!) with an invisible freebie! lols,kidding! The freebie is actually a pair of plastic earrings which I believe I won't be able to wear coz I'm not an earring-kind of person. So,anyone interested?Lols

Can you guess it now??

Yeps, it's the keyboard rings I ordered online.
 yey! I have long awaited for this and here they are right at the palm of my hands!!
(actually,they're already in lying in the bed of my ring collection which you'll get to see soon!)

I had to check for my laptop if it has any missing keys.
 The result? none! surprise.Lols
TIME CHECK:::2:48 am already! what? more than an hour to write this short post? the fudge!
 it's as if I don't have any class tomorrow! (actually, I only have one,because of the programs!! thank goodness)

I know that in the beginning of the post I said that I'll let the photos speak for themselves, but it turned out that the captions are also like narrations.haha, I just can't help myself.


gonna sleep now.

nadin! =)

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