Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Let's have some fun,This beat is sick

                   Yesterday,our class was only until 2:30 pm,so my friends (Sharm,Shane,Ivanne) and I decided to swim at a nearby hotel to relax a little and for them to practice for their swimming class. Actually,we have already planned this days ago,but I guess they had forgotten. That morning,I reminded them thru text,but Shane replied that she won't be able to come with us because she has to memorize her script for CMPF (college of Management Play festival) since she was the main character in the play (way to go,Shane!), and Sharm replied with "Ok!". Btw, Ivanne and I are living at the same girl's dormitory near our school,so I didn't have to text her about it. So,anyway, when we arrived at school, we talked about it, and Sharm was disappointed that Shane won't be able to come with us so she forced her to still go swimming. But the bad news was that Shane didn't bring anything with her, no swimming suit, towels,etc. Because I didn't need that swimming practice so much, I decided to give way and let Shane borrow my stuff and let her swim instead. So in the end, we went their, with me as their photographer/audience/chaperon/friend/supporter.

                     Immediately after our Psychology class, we stopped by our dormitory to gather the necesseties and went directly at the hotel. Here are some pictures during that afternoon:

Those are Shane and Sharm riding a trysicad on the way to the hotel

That's me in my "paparazzi shot"(lolz)

It's them while paying for the swimming fee

And me looking so sad for not being able to swim

the view of the pool,which was so inviting.=(

Shane,Sharm,Ivanne who looks so excited to swim

The kiddie pool which no one uses since it looks so old and dirty(for me,that is)

It was so hot that afternoon, which makes me feel better for not having to swim.

me,who went near them to talk because I was getting so bored being alone.

So,that it's folks! for now,I'll be making some assignments first and continue uploading some of my pics in my Picassa account.=)))

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