Monday, November 22, 2010

Remininsced Past

Last saturday was my friend's debut and I was invited. The party was at 7:00 pm and at 3pm I haven't decided what to wear yet. I decided to wear a plain white dress but my mother texted me that she has a dress ready for me  and I just have to pick it up at her office. At first I didn't agree with her coz I thought the dress was way too formal for the event,but she insisted so I just have to agree. Besides,I have to ask for some money from her,so i still have to pass by her office. On my way to her office, it rained hard, so it really caused me major BV (read:bad vibes) . My jeans(my fave!) was soaked knee-high,and I had to ride a public vehicle since there's no one else at home that could bring me to my mom's office. So anyway, when I arrived there, soaking from head to toe (no really,that was just an exaggeration to add some drama to the story,LOLz), I was surprised coz I saw my cousin (my fave,yet again), my aunt (his mom), and a couple from our church who are our fam's close friend.

After picking up the dress, I decided to go with my aunt and cousin who's going in the same direction since they were going home already. It was so nice of my aunt to come with me to the hotel coz I told her I didn't now where it was and she was so concerned of my safety. We went there early coz I planned to change clothes there at the hotel,but it turns out that we went there too early. To kill some time, we went to a nearby mall to have some merienda and for me to buy small paper bag for my gift (i forgot to buy,sheez!). After sometime, we went back to the hotel until some of my friends arrived. After that, my friends and I had a blast! We were once again reunited and we did some catching up for the latest events of our lives.

The biggest koi/carp I've ever seen// Nice couple (at the lobby of the hotel)

My fave cousin at Dunkin's// while waiting at the hotel

Reunited with my HS friends Aladelle and his BF,John

I don't know why I got lots of pics of alcoholic drinks

The bday girl,Karen// Her cute cake

My egyptian friend,Ashraff

My best buddies in HS

part of Minnie mouse collection of a friend of mine

I didn't have much pictures during the night coz I was the one taking photos

The bday girl pretending to take photos of us

Manelle in one of our mini "photoshoot"

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