Thursday, November 25, 2010

Still in Cloud Nine

 Today,our class was only until 11:30 am,so we decided to eat together with our block-mates who don't have classes anymore. We went to a nearby restaurant and we didn't realize until we got there that there were many of us coming. Haha. We all felt really happy since that happens very rarely since we have different schedules from each other. We took the opportunity to talk and update each other with our lives. We also decided to plan out some activities like Christmas Party and Surprise parties for debutants. 

As for our lunch, we all had the same dish, a plate of sizzling sisig (yum), because we live up to our motto which is: "RetroSci: One for all,All for One" which apparently applies for everything, haha. (no,really. I was only  making up the motto part.Lols)
It was also a good thing that Jessel came with us, who happens to have a lot of "hidden" money. She treat us all with a barrel of iced tea since we figured out that a glass of iced tea is not enough for the hotness of the sisig. Each of us also ordered a slice of Brownies, which tastes so good btw.

After that, the four of us,( Candy, Shane, Ivanne,Me) decided to play table tennis because the last time we played it was like 5 months ago. So of course,we missed it. =) We had to climb the stairs up to the 4th floor of the GCEB building bcoz the elevator was not working f*ck public school. We decided to make a deal to make the game more exciting. The losers will buy the winners a bottle of Coke each yeah we're poor,I know
I was paired with Shane but in the end,we lose! yeah! After the game,we headed to our ugly,dirty,cheap cafeteria. lols..

So here are the pictures for the activities of the day:

me,at the resto


again,with Arlene

the barrel of iced tea care of Jessel


Candy and Ivanne,the winners in our table tennis game

Me and Shane, the losers =(

Us at the CR,freshening up ourselves right after the game

Our desserts

Additional pictures from our swimming last Tuesday:

Something out of topic:

Here are some tweets addressed by my superduper crush @davidguison to me! Happiness!!!

note: He's the only male ambassador of F21. awesome right??? =))))

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