Tuesday, September 21, 2010

State of depression

            I am SO sad,sooo,sooo sad. I hate it that i don't have money to buy what I wanted. Ugh. I hate being so poor. =(((
           Why did I have to discover this site which sells rings for 99pesos each only? I know you might ask why I can't buy, it's because they only do wholesales,which means the minimum order is 100 pcs. so, 99*100=Php 9,900. ten fucking thousand? where the hell will I get that amount of money? shit. Their rings are so freakin' cute that I can't freaking resist it. I am so sure that I wouldn't be able to sleep later tonight just thinking about those rings. I feel like their calling for me. Here are some of them that I want to see in my fingers:

"LOVE" connector rings!
Bicycle rings!
Wings connector rings.

And everything else.
I hope someone reading this will get pity on me and decide to buy this for me. =(
I'm so so so sad. ='(

Au Revoir!
<3 Nadin