Thursday, September 23, 2010

Keep The Ball Rolling!

              Remember my past post about the pre-enlistment process I had to do?? It was supposed to be a hard and long thing to do but thank goodness,the process went pretty well for me today. I immediately got the slots that I wanted without being in the wait list. Good thing we woke up early, or else I will be like my other batchmates who are still begging to be enrolled in their chosen subjects. I didn't get enlisted to the subjects that I planned to be enlisted to. I was suppose to take Soc Sci 26 for my SSP, but what I got was the Psych 10, which I had always tried to avoid sine it has a lot of  readings to do. I just have to make do with it since I didn't have much choice unless I want to be in Soc Sci 1 or 2 which is very much worse in terms of reading thingy. And my pe? well,I originally planned to take Badminton or Social Recreation, but failed to do so since Badminton is a conflict to my major subjects and Social Recreation has no more available slots. I ended up getting Bowling, which is kinda OK for me. Too bad, because I was already looking forward to the field trips of Social Recreation.  Because of this f*cking process, I was absent (again) in my Lit 2 class. =( I didn't get to attend the discussion about the theme of Oedipus Rex, which happens to be my favorite story of all time. too bad. ='(
              We also had our 2nd long exam in Humanities. It wasn't what I expected it to be. It was worse! It was a really HARD kind of exam. It was purely objective. Guess we have to blame ourselves since we chose to have the long,long exam, instead of a short,long exam (yeah,our teacher is crazy like that). I just hope and pray that I will pass that exam or else....i don't know, maybe a lower GWA?LOL.
               So,that's it for now. Oh,wait! have you seen that box in the right side? the one with a short clip of me? That's It's like twitter, but instead of 140-character phrase,you have to post a short clip of yourself doing what currently makes you busy. You should try it out.=))

     Au Revoir!
<3 Nadin
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  1. Hey,
    I love your header and background!
    Sometimes when school is really hard, i rely on praying and things go well =)

  2. hey estefany!
    thanks! yeah, I also do rely on praying. God really has plans for us.=)