Friday, September 17, 2010

A Better and Updated Version of Me

          I've been thinking about changing my blog for while since the old one has a long and senseless domain. So, now, here is the new one. And I hope this will be a lot better than the old one. I intended to have a fashion journal with daily outfit posts, but thought twice since I thought there are a lot of blogs like those and I don't want to add up to those sea of blogs. So, readers (if there are any) should expect to hear (or read) me ranting about my exhausting college life here in University of the Philippines (boring and annoying, I know!), me talking about my obsessions, me talking about the adventures that my friends and I take, me and my fashion faux pas, me...,me..., me..., and me. In short, this is a blog about my awesomeness!(LOL)
           So, to set things right, imma introduce myself first. I'm an 18 (yay!legal!) year old chubby gal who is taking BS Accountancy in the University of the Philippines-Visayas. I love to be with my friends since I can be myself with them, without any pretensions. I dream of becoming a CPA and work at a magazine,or publishing company, Summit Media to be exact. I love to collect stuffs like rings (i have a lot of them), vintage necklaces, books, cute notebooks and many, many more. I love am addicted to coffee,like I could have just a cup of coffee for lunch and I'd be very much satisfied. I love everything about my coffee, the smell, the taste, the color, everything. I could eat or drink anything that tastes like coffee.I also love reading. yeah,just reading. I can read anything, like books,magazines, blogs or anything as long as it can be read and I could get something from it,like new info. If I am depressed, I just have to have a cup of coffee on one hand and a book on the other, then I will be very much better.
              I have a list of goals in life which I write on heart cut-outs and paste on my wall so that I will never forget about them. Here are some of it:
  • be a Certified Public Accountant
  • Visit museums and galleries that were mentioned in my Humanities Class, all of them
  • Have an SLR camera, or anything as good as it
  • Stay in Paris for at least 3 years to know how their lifestyle is
  • Have a coffee shop/book shop called "La Bookerie Cafe"
I didn't put everything in the list since that would be too personal. So,if ever I will achieve any of these goals, I will totally journalize it here. Just watch out. <3
           As of the moment, I am trying to learn french so that when the time comes that I will be living there, I would be fluent in french.LOL, 
           So,that's all for now. Gonna have to study for my Calculus exam tomorrow. My roommates and I were planning to have dinner at the mall and have FroYo, as part of conditioning ourselves into taking the exam tomorrow.haha. I'm gonna leave you with an cartooned picture of me. Hope it won't give you any nightmares.LOL
       sorry for the ugliness.^_^I was just experimenting.

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